Gout Arthritis. Ten years of follow up

Yanelis Vizcaino Luna, Witjal Manuel Bermúdez Marrero, William Alejandro Bermúdez Marrero, Jorge Luis Egües Mesa, Tamara Cárdenas Domínguez, Eric Prendes García

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Introduction: Gouty arthritis is a persistent metabolic disease that produces an increase of the circulating uric acid, with the resulting deposit of monosodic urate crystals in the tissues.
: To characterize patients with gouty arthritis clinically and epidemiologically.
: A descriptive investigation of 72 patients with a diagnosis of gouty arthritis, assisted at Arnaldo Milián Castro Clinical Surgical University Hospital was carried out from January 2008 to December 2017.
: Patients between 40 and 49 years of age were the most representative group with a highest incidence in not white patients and the male sex. Obesity and hypertension prevailed as previous personal antecedents. Alcohol intake was the most represented toxic habit.  A crisis of inflammation of the big toe was the more frequent starting manifestation. Swelling of soft tissues was the main radiologic alteration.
Conclusion: Gouty arthritis is present with a highest frequency in the male sex with a peak of incidence in the fourth decade of life. It is associated to bad diet habits and alcohol intake that could cause joint damage.

Palabras clave

gouty arthritis; gout; uric acid; hyperuricaemia


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